Best Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Although Dunkin Donuts isn’t a coffee focused chain, as you can tell by its name, the combination of donuts and coffee has popularized the coffee options at Dunkin Donuts. If you’re not sure of what the best Dunkin Donuts coffee to get, we have our favorite options to recommend to you, so read on!

Top 5 Dunkin Donuts Coffee Drinks

1. Iced Signature Latte

If you’re unsure of what drink to get and you usually get latte’s at other stores, we highly recommend that you try the Iced Signature Latte. It is one of our favorite best Dunkin Donuts iced coffee flavor combination, as it provides a good mix of espresso with milk which gives you the nice creamy, rich flavor you expect from a iced latte.

It comes with a nice caramel drizzle on top and if you don’t mind sweetness, you will be pleased from the first, cold sip. Do note that if you’re not one for extra sweetness, this drink isn’t for you, as the iced signature latte does have quite a large sugar content.

2. Iced Coffee

This is the basic iced coffee item that Dunkin Donuts offers. It’s just like any other iced coffee from other locations, except that it has a lot of flavors due to the additives that Dunkin Donuts adds. If you’re not a fan of a lot of sugar in your coffee, you can always tell them to not add it, but if you’re interested in a cheap, tasteful drink, then the Iced Coffee might be the move for you.

3. Cold Brew

Again, this is Dunkin Donut’s version of the Cold Brew that you can find at other stores, such as McDonalds and Starbucks. However, they use their own blend and you can choose the amount of sweetener or dairy that your “barista” will add for you.

Dunkin Donuts says they uses Arabica beans in cold water to create this drink, so expect your cold brew to be flavorful. We personally don’t like cold brews as sometimes they are too full in flavor, but if you’re a fan of them, this drink is for you.

4. Americano

Who doesn’t like a freshly brewed Americano? This drink is served with two shots of the Rainforest espresso with hot water and is a delight to the taste buds. It has a deep, coffee taste that gives the Americano a smooth feeling as you slowly sip it.

It’s a great drink to start the day off with and if you haven’t tried it before and you’re a fan of Americanos at other locations, you need to try it here as they add their own little twist to give it that hint of uniqueness to the American favorite Americano.

5. Espresso

This drink is for those who drink straight shots of espresso like it’s nothing and love to taste the flavor of the beans without any distractions. They brew the shots right away so you’ll be receiving your shot of espresso pipin hot. If you love the bold flavor of espresso, then you need to try Dunkin Donut’s Arabica bean espresso shots, as it’ll give you the boost to get you out of the morning sickness.

Dunkin’ Donuts Valid?

Although Dunkin’ Donuts is mostly known for its donuts, its selection of coffee just makes the donut & coffee experience so much better. Although neither are superior to other chains that specialize in either, the combination gives it the boost it needs to be valid! We love the combination of donut & coffee and we hope you do too. Let us know if you liked or disliked any of the drinks listed above!

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